(Source:  GIS) – As the recently appointed Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in the Cabinet Office, Ms Krista Seymour-Mohammed sees herself as being in a more strategic position to help enhance the effectiveness of both the Portfolio and the wider Civil Service.

Key financial advisor to the Cabinet Secretary Samuel Rose, the CFO’s duties involve establishing policies and procedures to ensure that all departments are operating in line with international accounting standards and local financial legislation. Furthermore, Ms Seymour-Mohammed has direct responsibility for the preparation of the annual budget and annual financial statements.

Her latest appointment, which came through a competitive recruitment process, sees her firmly on home turf. Prior to taking up her new CFO post, Ms Seymour-Mohammed was the Deputy Chief Financial Officer (DCFO) for the Portfolio of the Civil Service and the Cabinet Office. “The key difference between this and my last post is that I am now required to be more strategic in my thinking and in directing of financial operations,” she advised. “My view of the Portfolio is more holistic and I am required to identify and approach work at a more macro level.”

During her tenure as DCFO, one of her key accomplishments was establishing processes to improve the month-end review and reconciliation of the accounts. This improvement led to more accurate accounting information being provided throughout the year.

The CFO’s zeal for simplifying and rationalising operations brings added value to her work. “In the future, I intend to make further improvements to streamline the processes and procedures throughout the Cabinet Office,” she said. “This will ensure that there is greater standardisation across departments, where possible, thereby increasing transferability across the entity’s finance staff. Some of our current processes will be reengineered to achieve greater efficiency throughout our finance and accounting roles.”

“I am very pleased to welcome Ms Krista Seymour-Mohammed as our Chief Financial Officer,” remarked Mr Rose. “Her energy, professionalism, and extensive experience make her an important asset to our Portfolio.”

His Excellency the Acting Governor and Head of the Civil Service Hon Franz Manderson, said “I am encouraged to know that we are able to offer the quality of work and wealth of opportunities that attract and retain young Caymanians. Ms Seymour-Mohammed is making good on her tremendous track record.”

Given the diversity of her duties, as catalyst, steward and strategist, it helps that the CFO is highly motivated and works well both collaboratively and independently. “I am a civil servant at heart and enjoy the satisfaction of being a part of an organisation where I can serve my country,” Ms Seymour-Mohammed stated.  “This role allows me to participate in the country’s continued journey towards greater fiscal responsibility. I also find joy encouraging and motivating team members to become the best versions of themselves.”

Ms Seymour-Mohammed’s professional qualifications include Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Finance and Business Administration from the University of South Florida. She is a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). Before returning to the Civil Service in 2015, Ms Seymour-Mohammed worked for Caribbean Utilities Company and, prior to that, with the Cayman Islands Government Treasury Department for five years and Cayman Islands Development Bank for three years.

Beyond work and family life, Ms Seymour-Mohammed likes reading, and writing fiction.