CICSA is a member organisation that provides a voice for its members. With a seat at some of the key tables and an invitation to engage in some of the most important conversations, CICSA makes sure the interests of its members are not forgotten, and in doing so contributes to making the Cayman Islands Government a great place to work.

CICSA, the association that brings all government employees together at the workplace, at social events, and on matters of concern common to all civil servants.

www.cicsa.ky….connecting, informing and engaging our membership

The Cayman Islands Civil Service Association works to promote the interests and welfare of its members. Membership is open to any Civil Servant (or employee of a Statutory Authority, or a retired government employee). If you are interested in actively participating in the work of the Association, whether commenting on government policies, helping fellow members who have grievances against their employer, or organising events for members, email cicsa@gov.ky and we’ll be happy to have you on board.