As a Civil Servant (or employee of a Statutory Authority, or a retired government employee) you are entitled to join the Cayman Islands Civil Service Association (CICSA), a group of your fellow staff who work towards betterment for members of the Civil Service and the Service as a whole. The idea of a Civil Service Association is an easy one. Its execution and explanation more difficult.

The goals of the Cayman Islands Civil Service Association are:

  • to promote and to protect the interests and welfare of its members;
  • to promote understanding and goodwill between government and its employees;
  • to promote understanding and goodwill between Government employees and the public;
  • to encourage co-operation between Government employees and the public;
  • to improve the Civil Service generally;
  • to receive any constructive opinions from members, whether directed towards the Association or the Civil service in general;
  • to provide entertainment and social services for members;

The Civil Service Association is the body that brings all government employees together (a) at the workplace, (b) through social events, (c) on matters of concern common to all civil servants. CICSA is the unified voice of Civil Servants.

In recent years, much of CICSA’s activities have revolved around being a conduit for information flow from members to the relevant areas of government and trying to act as a buffer between government and our members.

While much of what we do naturally benefits the entire Civil Service, membership has its privileges.

The Association administers the Civil Service Housing Assistance Programme on behalf of the Government. This is a small grants fund available to CICSA members to help bridge the occasional gap between a mortgage and a home.

The Association has organized discounts for its members at various local merchants. In the past this was done through membership in the Chamber of Commerce. Currently it is primarily done through partnership in the Ktone discount card programme.

Special events, training initiatives and other functions are organised from time to time by the Association for the benefit of its members.

Supporting members who are dealing with the Civil Service Appeals Commission or other management issues. While we recommend that Public Servants avail themselves of professional legal council for serious matters there are times when all you need is a friend, someone to speak up for you, to act as an intermediary. There are times when the Civil Service Association can be that friend to its members.

Members decide the direction and policy of the Association, what it says, what it does, what it advocates for. By speaking through the Association members can magnify their voice a hundredfold.

The Cayman Islands Civil Service Association is an employee advocacy group several thousand strong. When we speak for our members it carries the weight of their membership. However, we can only be effective in negotiation with government on your behalf if you are a member. If you don’t join we don’t have the weight of numbers behind us and issues affecting members of the civil service are more likely to be decided without the input of or representation for the members of the civil service themselves. Membership is affordable ($5/month) and an effective way to make sure that the voice of the employee is heard on matters affecting the Civil Service.

For additional information email or download our membership form.