Housing Assistance Programme | Hurricane Shutter Assistance Programme

The CICSA Housing Assistance Committee (HAC) accepts completed applications from qualified members for the purchase of hurricane shutters and other housing related matters.

The HAC currently consists of six persons. The current Chairperson is Mr Dudley Dixon and the Deputy Chairperson (Acting) is Ms. Shiann Naulty. HAC meets twice a year to review applications from qualified members for their first purchase of land/property, additions/renovations to existing property or to purchase hurricane shutters. The operating budget is provided by the Cayman Islands Government and administered by the Committee, and they report to the President of the Association and in turn to the Financial Secretary.

CICSA wherever possible provides its members small donations to alleviate extraordinary expenses, like sickness, and death or any calamitous event.

Please follow HAC guidelines and read the policy manual before applying. All documentation must be brought in with applications, there will be no exceptions.

For assistance and applications please email or call any of the following members – Lolette Miller, Jairia Ramoon, Mitzi Watson Jervis, Judith Witter, Dudley Dixon or Shiann Naulty or click to download below.