“I believe in CICSA and all that we have to offer our Members. I’ve seen CICSA moved forward in great strides.  I encourage Civil Servants to become CICSA Members.”


1995 became a CICSA Volunteer, 2000 became a CICSA MC Member.


Eziethamae “Zeta” Bodden, MBE

 I joined CICSA because it gives me the opportunity to be part of a collective voice on matters which affect me, as well as all other Civil Servants,  –  both personally and professionally throughout our careers in public service. 

Karlene Bramwell

“I joined CICSA because  I wanted to be a part of a group that I believe promotes the interest, welfare, and common good on my behalf and all other Civil Servants. Joining gave me the opportunity to voice my concerns which in turn would be presented to the right people in the right manner.”

Lt. Col. Bobeth O’Garro CCM, M.Ed., BPMm

“I joined CICSA because I believe it’s a reputable organization that looks out for the best of its members.”

Paulette Conolly

“I joined CICSA because I realized quite early that Civil Servants needed a VOICE and CICSA was equipped to be my Voice!”

James Watler