Probably the question we get asked the most, and ask the most, is “Why CICSA?” Why does CICSA exist and why should an individual Civil Servant join CICSA?

Reason #1- CICSA makes sure your voice is heard.

Representing and advocating on behalf of the civil service, CICSA is a member organisation that provides a voice for its members. With a seat at some of the key tables and an invitation to engage in some of the most important conversations, CICSA makes sure the interests of its members are not forgotten.

Reason #2 – CICSA contributes to making the CIG a great place to work.   

The Cayman Islands Government is one of the most worker-centric entities in the Cayman Islands. CICSA has had a lot to do with that. Over the years CICSA has been front and centre, representing its membership, in conversations both big and small, which led to decisions that impact its members.

That’s Why CICSA. Become a member today!

The only requirement for membership is that an individual either be currently employed by the government or a retired civil servant.

For additional information email orCICSA Membership Application Form.